Pasta e fagioli

Origin: ITALY

Vegetarian: NO

Ingredients (4 people):

  • Pasta: pennette rigate, 500 g
  • Kidney beans, 400 g
  • Tomato pulp, 400 g
  • Raw ham (Parma or speck), 150 g
  • Onions, 1 large or 2 medium
  • Garlic, 1 clove
  • Carrots, 2
  • Celery, 2 ribs
  • Rosemary, 3 sprigs
  • Red wine, 1 glass
  • Meat or vegetable broth, 1 l
  • Olive oil, 2 spoons
  • Salt and pepper, to taste
  • Chili (optional)

Equipment needed:

  • A large pan
  • A blender


Put the broth to boil. Separate the fat of the ham, and put it in the blender with the celery cut into chunks, and the peeled onions and carrots. Chop very finely.

Pour the oil in a pan, cut the garlic clove in half, and put it to sizzle. Then take it away, add the content of the blender to the pan and let it stir-fry.

Cut the meat of the ham into thin slices of about 1×5 cm. Add them to the pan, and pour the wine on it. Let the wine fade, then add the tomato and stir steadily.

Rinse the beans, drain them, and add them to the pan. Pour broth to keep them wet, gradually, without covering. Let them cook for at least 30 minutes (even more if they are not precooked), until they become very soft.

Take about 1/4 of the content of the pan, put it in the blender with the rosemary, and chop it into a very creamy texture. Add it back to the pan, and add salt and pepper.

Cook the pasta al dente, then drain it, add it back to the pan, stir for a couple of minutes, then serve.

Drink suggestion: strong red wine, not too dry.

(Follow our general guidelines for pasta here!)


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